Success Stories

William's Inspiring Journey from Investment Banker to Savvy Property Buyer

Meet William—an investment banker with big dreams in the property market. His journey from finance to real estate success is a testament to the power of knowledge, strategic planning, and expert guidance.  

When William first connected with Braye Property Buyer’s Agent, he had a clear goal to find his dream property within a year. Little did he know, this initial meeting would kickstart a remarkable transformation in his property portfolio. 

Walking away from that meeting, William felt confident with the new insights and a promising opportunity. Instead of waiting, he saw the potential to make moves right away. With Braye Property’s steadfast support, he was connected with a skilled buyer’s agent who streamlined the pre-approval process, opening doors to exciting possibilities. 

From investment banker to savvy property buyer, William’s inspiring journey proves that with the right knowledge and support, anything is possible.  

With strategic planning and expert guidance from us William’s property journey is now a success story! 

From Stock Market to Dream Home—A Property Investment Success Story

Meet our client—an investment banker eager to diversify beyond the stock market. With a portfolio heavily invested in stocks, they sought alternative asset classes and turned to Braye Property for guidance. 

Facing common challenges, our client lacked expertise in property investment and struggled with time constraints due to their demanding professional life. Determined to explore new opportunities, they trusted Braye Property to navigate the complexities of real estate investing. 

After assessing their goals and current situation, we identified a strategy to build a diversified property portfolio aligned with their long-term objectives. Investing in two properties—one in Brisbane and the other in Adelaide—our client aimed to generate wealth to secure their dream family home. 

Two years later, our client’s investment journey bore fruit. Selling their Brisbane property yielded a remarkable profit of over $170k—a testament to the power of strategic property investment. With this windfall, they fulfilled their dream of purchasing their ideal home, fueled by gains from both property and stocks. 

Through collaboration with Braye Property, our client’s journey from stock market reliance to diversified wealth creation stands as a shining example of smart investment decision-making. 

Single Mom taking Charge of Financial Freedom

A determined single mother ready for a fresh start. After relying on her ex-husband to manage finances, She sought to take control of her own financial future. Feeling uncertain and overwhelmed, she turned to us for assistance and guidance. 

 After the meeting, her pain points were: 

  • Lack of education about property investing 
  • Desire to be in control of her financial future 
  • Determination to provide financial knowledge to her children 

We started on a journey with her, starting with the basics of property investment. From understanding loans and payment options to navigating the complexities of property purchase, she absorbed every lesson with eagerness. 

As her knowledge grew, so did her confidence. With us by her side, she felt empowered to steer her financial future in the right direction. Together, we identified an investment opportunity interstate—a property valued at $325k. Within just 9 months, it was rented out for $450pw, with a current valuation of $420k. 

Her journey is a testament to the power of education, empowerment, and taking control of one’s destiny. With determination and guidance, single moms like her can build a brighter future for themselves and their children. 

A Singapore Executive's Journey to Global Investment Success

An executive working for a major global financial firm and an expat living in Singapore. When he approached us, he sought assistance in investing in Australian property. He had specific criteria in mind: a property that could maintain itself and offer substantial capital growth, aligning with his long-term investment goals of stability and financial security. 

After the meeting these were his pain points: 

  • Lack of contacts in Australia for investment guidance 
  • Limited time for research due to busy work schedule and international travel 
  • Desire for a property that could thrive independently and contribute to long-term financial goals 

Taking his needs into account, we jumped into action. Despite the distance, we navigated the Australian property market and identified a blue-chip property in Coastal Adelaide in December 2022. Fast forward seven months, and the property has already seen a remarkable 12% increase in value. 

His success story exemplifies the power of strategic investment and expert guidance. Despite the challenges of distance and busy schedules, he achieved his investment goals with confidence and ease. With our help, he’s not just investing, he’s securing his financial future with certainty.

A Hospitality Worker’s Path to Strategy Property Investment Succes

A hospitality worker with big dreams of building a property portfolio. Referred to us by another satisfied client, he was eager to understand how we helped others acquire multiple properties in a short time. His goal? To create a passive income stream of $50k per year through property investments.  

After meeting him, below were the pain points: 

  • Lack of knowledge about property investing 
  • Need for guidance in property strategy planning 
  • Limited time due to demanding hours in the hospitality industry  

Over the course of two years working with Braye Property, his dreams started to take shape. With our guidance, he purchased not one, not two, but four properties! The gains from the first two were substantial, prompting him to consider selling and paying off all her debts. With no debt remaining on the properties, he is now set to enjoy a passive income of $52k per year. 

This new found financial stability has encouraged him to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship. With the security of his property investments, he can focus his energy on building his new business venture, knowing that his properties continue to generate income in the background. 

His  journey is a testament to the power of strategic property investment and the transformative impact it can have on achieving financial goals. With determination, guidance, and the right support, dreams truly can become reality. 

A Couple’s Successful Journey to Homeownership

A couple on a mission to find their perfect family home. After reaching out to Braye Property via our website, they shared their struggles in purchasing a home. Despite having a preapproval that had expired and searching for over a year, they couldn’t make a decision due to analysis paralysis. 

They had specific criteria in mind for their family home, they wanted to ensure it was in a safe, family-oriented area with easy access to transport hubs and school zones. However, their busy schedules as professionals made it challenging to dedicate time to the search, and they were afraid of making the wrong decision or overpaying. 

Upon approaching us for assistance and obtaining a new preapproval, we quickly jumped into action. Within just three weeks, we found their dream home, ticking off all their boxes and more. 

With the weight of uncertainty lifted off their shoulders, they have become enthusiastic advocates for our services, sharing their positive experience with friends and family. 

Their journey is a testament to the power of expert guidance and the joy of finally finding a place to call home. With our help, they’ve turned their dream of homeownership into a reality, and they couldn’t be happier. 

First-Time Homeowner Success Story

A determined first-time homebuyer with a dream of owning her own place. With her hard-earned money, she was eager to make a wise investment and find a home she could truly call her own. 

After nearly a year of dreaming, she reached out to us for help. We were thrilled to assist her in achieving her goal. By listening to her needs, devising effective strategies, and navigating the competitive market, we were able to secure a successful and cost-effective outcome in record time. 

At Braye Property, we take pride in contributing to the happiness and future financial security of our clients like her. Helping her achieve her dream of homeownership is not just our job, it’s our privilege. 

What our clients are saying…

Based on 31 reviews
Steven T
Steven T
Braye Property was a pleasure to work with and a big help in finding my first property. Krish’s expertise and personalised approach made the experience stress-free. He took the time to understand my goals and priorities, which put me at ease as I knew that he had done his due diligence before presenting any potential options. He found a property that ticked all the boxes in no time, and he was there to guide me through the entire process.
Impressed with Knowledge and Skill. Thank you very much for your outstanding advice to secure the best profitable deal. Thank you.
Christopher Avgoustou (Chiggy)
Christopher Avgoustou (Chiggy)
The process from being to end was seamless and effortless. I couldn't recommend them enough.
Saket Jaju
Saket Jaju
I recently had the pleasure of working with Krishan and his team from Braye Property, and I must say that the experience exceeded all my expectations. As a I started my investment journey, navigating the Australian real estate market seemed like a daunting task, but Krishan made the entire process smooth, stress-free, and highly rewarding. From our initial consultation to the final closing, Krishan demonstrated a level of expertise and dedication that sets them apart in the industry. What stood out the most was their in-depth knowledge of the market trends, property values, and a keen understanding of my specific needs and preferences. Krishan is not only a true professional but also an excellent communicator who treats his clients as this family. They took the time to listen to my concerns, answer all my questions, and provide valuable insights that helped me make informed decisions. Their responsiveness and availability made me feel like a top priority, creating a sense of trust and reliability throughout the entire process. One of the key strengths of Krishan is his negotiation skills. His ability to advocate for my interests and secure a favourable deal showcased their commitment to getting the best possible outcome for me and my family. I felt confident and supported every step of the way, knowing that I had a skilled advocate on my side. Furthermore, Krishan demonstrated a high level of professionalism and integrity, ensuring transparency and honesty throughout the transaction. In addition to his individual prowess, the entire team at Braye Property deserves recognition for their seamless collaboration. The cohesive and well-coordinated efforts of the team contributed significantly to the overall positive experience. In conclusion, working with Krishan was not just about buying a property; it was about building a relationship with a trusted advisor who genuinely cared about my satisfaction and success as a homebuyer. If you're in search of a top-notch buyers agent in Australia who combines expertise, communication skills, and a client-centric approach, look no further than Braye Property. I wholeheartedly recommend their services and would gladly work with them again in the future.
Joshua Kamalaneson
Joshua Kamalaneson
I had an excellent experience working with Braye Property as our buyer's agent. Krishan and the team conducted thorough face-to-face meetings to understand our investment goals. In just a few weeks, they successfully found the perfect property for us, and continued to provide us with support throughout the sales process. Highly recommend their dedicated service. Looking forward to the next one!
Jim Thomas
Jim Thomas
I engaged Krish from Braye Property as my Buyer's Agent for my first home. Krish did a stellar job and negotiated a great price much less than the asking price and secured the deal for me. Krish is very professional and communicated in a very timely manner. I am more than happy to recommend Krish and I have recommended Krish to a few friends already.
Anjana Narayanan
Anjana Narayanan
We reached out to Krish to help find us a suitable investment property in Australia. As first time home buyers here we were guided through the entire process by Krish. From scoping areas with the best growth potential, to advice on strategy for good ROI he ensured the whole process was completed smoothly and also kept clear lines of communication throughout. We also had a good experience with Sheryl. She helped set up the necessary inspections for the property and sent us vendors for managing the property after purchase etc. We are really happy with our overall experience and would recommend Braye Property for anyone looking to invest or find their new home in Australia.
krishna niraula
krishna niraula
Krishan and the team is amazing. Fair and every step of the way on my property journey. Highly recommended.
Yogi Deo
Yogi Deo
Braye Property and team have been very helpful and accomodating right from the beginning.They do all the hardwork of researching and getting the right property at the right place and at the right time.There service has been excellent and I highly recommend it.
Priti Chida
Priti Chida
It has been a very pleasant experience to come across team at Braye Property. They are an absolute example of a highly skilled and experienced support to the buyers. Alike many others we were unaware of buyer’s agent and what they offer us, it was a huge hesitation while on boarding her through a reference but during our first meet itself it was completely changed into an efficacious experience. From listing down to our needs and choices she prioritized our emotions as well. Not only she has made every possible effort to secure us a good property at the best value which we wouldn’t have been able to personally, she has ensured to carry out all the due diligence towards the strata, structural and pest inspections along with the surroundings with the accessibility and security. She has not failed to not have any of our check boxes ticked. We were always given a detailed explanation and information that mattered to us. Our 1+ year old journey to buy our first home was ended by her in a very short period, say a month with the desired result. It was a week after we made the purchase complete, she called to check not as an agent but as companion how are we going. We wish to not stop here and continue to be having her while progressing to upgrade or buy an investment property for us. I truly feel she has made our experience in this playful property market as that of walking down to a fair with a guardian and buying us a toy or a candy. Thank you Ami for saving on our hard earned money in every manner to giving us courage in every decision we took during this house to home journey !
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