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William's Inspiring Journey

From investment banker to savvy property buyer, William’s story is a testament to the power of knowledge, strategic planning, and expert guidance. 

When he approached Braye Property Buyer’s Agency, William had a goal in mind: to secure his dream property within 12 months. Little did he know that this initial meeting would set in motion a remarkable transformation of his property portfolio. 

Walking out of that meeting, William found himself armed with newfound insights and a promising opportunity. Instead of waiting, he discovered the potential to purchase immediately. Braye Property’s unwavering support led him to a skilled broker, who facilitated a pre-approval process, opening doors to exciting possibilities.

Investment banker looking to invest outside of the stock market

One of our investor clients had an investment portfolio of stock and was looking at other asset class and approached Braye Property. We looked at his current situation and goals that they were looking to achieve. We invested in 2 properties with one in Brisbane and the other in Adelaide. Their long term goal was to buy a family home and use the gains from property and stock to be able to do this. Fast forward 2 years from engagement and purchase, they sold their Brisbane property for a profit of over $170k which was then used to purchase their dream home.

Their pain point for engaging us was :

  • Did not understand the intricacies of property investment
  • Busy professionals so Was time poor to be able to conduct the research on location and property themselves
satisfied clients

Single mother wanting a new start

One of our clients came to us as she wanted to take control of her financial future. Prior in her relationship, the finances was taken care of by her then husband. Came to us for assistance and guidance. We educated her on how finances work from the basics of loans and different payment options to the complexities with property purchase. She felt a lot more comfident and empowered to be able to take care of her financial future with us by her side. We purchased a property interstate valued at $325k and rented out for $450pw with current valuation of $420k within 9 months.

Their pain points:

  • Education sought from client to really understand how property investing work
  • Wants to be in control of her financial future with her on the drivers seat
  • Wants to be able to provide the learnings to her children so that they can look after their own future as well

An Executive working for a major global Financial Firm - Expat in Singapore

One of our clients in Singapore came to us for assistance in investing in property in Australia. They were after a property that can look after itself in terms of upkeep and also provide some really good capital growth. They wanted this to form part of their long term goals of investing back in Australia to provide stability and financial security for the long term. We were able to take this brief and invest in a bluechip property in Costal Adelaide in Dec 2022 which is up 12% within 7 months.

Their pain points:

  • No ‘eyes’ in Australia to help them invest
  • Unable to research as busy professionals
  • Time poor as regularly flying internationally due to work requirements
success stories
satisfied clients
satisfied clients
success stories

Hospitality Worker looking to build a property portfolio

Came to us as a referral from another client. Was really interested in knowing how we were able to buy multiple properties for her in such a short period of time. Was looking to build a passive income portfolio that could provide him with $50k gross in income a year. While working with Braye Property for 2 years, has been able to purchase 4 properties! With some very substantial gains made on the first two, the client is now looking at potentially selling and paying off all his debt resulting in a passive income of $52k a year with no debt on the remaining properties. This has enabled him to venture towards a new business and turn his energy and passion towards this while knowing that he is still earning $52k from the properties.

Pain points :

  •  Unaware of how property investing works
  • Required assistance with property strategy plan
  • Time poor due to the long hours of the hospitality industry

Owner Occupier client looking for family home

A couple reached out to Braye Property Buyers Agency via our website to assist them in purchasing a family home. they had a preapproval in place for 6 months that had now expired and have been looking for a property for over a year. However they were unable to execute as they wanted to ensure they make the right purchase and analysis paralysis got the better of them. Given this was their family home, they were unsure on how to analyse a location to ensure they are away from the bad spots and more towards the family oriented areas. They also required close proximity to certain transport hub and school zones. When we were approached and their banker did another pre-approval ($120k lower then previous one due to interest rate movement), we were able to secure them a property within 3 weeks! Fair to say, they have now become vivid referrers to our business.

pain points:

  • Time poor busy professionals
  • Analysis paralysis
  • Indecisive
  •  Afraid of over paying for a property
  • Afraid of getting the wrong location to bring up their young family


satisfied clients
success stories

Turned a dream into reality: First home Ownership in a short period

We had the privilege of assisting our client in achieving her dream of owning her first home. As a first-time homebuyer, she was determined to make a wise investment and secure a place they could call their own with their hard-earned money.

She approached us with this dream of almost 1 year and we were confined to help her. By understanding her needs, working on effective strategies, and navigating the competitive market, we got a successful and cost-effective outcome in a very short period.
At Braye Property, we pride ourselves on contributing to their happiness and future financial security.

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