As a buyer’s agent we understand the importance of making the right decisions when buying property. 

Our mission is to assist you with the right guidance aligned with your property goals, empowering you to build substantial wealth and long-term financial security through our personalised investment strategies. 

Utilising reliable data sources, reports, and property investment charts, we pinpoint high-growth investment opportunities for our clients. This comprehensive approach leads to a strategic plan tailored to specific areas or regions, marking the commencement of our dedicated service to you. 

Krish Asre

I have been exposed to property investment from a very young age. You see investing in general has been in my family from the very beginning with property investment by far the most popular and making the largest portion of the portfolio. 

My parents bought their first investment property in 1998 when I was aged 11, only 2 years after building their first family home. I was fortunate enough to be lead through the process by my parents and being taught the intricacies of investing in property along the way. They were able to take the risk and jump into the property market for the goal of being able to live the lifestyle they had envisioned for themselves and their children (my sister and I). 

They understood that in order to get ahead in life, a regular 9-5 job is not going to cut it and will only get them so far as being able to meet their current needs but realised that if they did not have the income they currently have, there was a major risk to their lifestyle. 

Comfort home for happy living

How we work

Let's Connect
We start by understanding your property goals during a personalised meet-and-greet. This session allows us to dive deep into your motivations, uncovering the core of what truly drives your pursuit of property.
The Search Begins
Equipped with your vision, we swiftly launch into action, tapping into our extensive database of 800+ local real estate agents. This ensures you gain unparalleled access to the market.
Finding Your Ideal Property
We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of your dream property. Our comprehensive strategy includes property visits, meticulous analysis, direct vendor engagement, and exploration of off-market opportunities. Expect regular updates during this 6-8 week phase, with a curated shortlist tailored to your preferences.
Prepare for personalised property viewings where you can explore potential homes firsthand. If you can't attend in person, don't worry - we'll act as your representatives, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
Due Diligence
With your perfect property in sight, we conduct thorough due diligence to safeguard your investment. This includes arranging reports, conducting pricing research, and engaging with local authorities to examine potential impacts.
Liasing with Professionals
We streamline communication with your solicitor, mortgage broker, or bank, ensuring a smooth process. Acting as your "Operations Manager," we orchestrate efficient collaboration for a seamless journey.
Armed with your insights, we negotiate on your behalf to secure the best possible deal, always prioritising your vision.
Auction Bidding
Navigate auctions confidently with us by your side. We'll serve as your bidder, providing support and expertise throughout the process.
Post-Exchange Care
Our support extends beyond the contract exchange. We meticulously oversee the settlement period, ensuring every detail is in place before you step into your new home.
Welcome Home
Welcome your new chapter with confidence and peace of mind, knowing we've been with you every step of the way.
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