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At Braye Property, we specialise in providing you tailored made strategies that work towards meeting your dreams and goals. We are not a transaction-based organisation, but instead have a long-term relationship based approach

Our process for property investors:

  1. Your initial consultation with a Braye Property Investment Strategist will involve a deep down understanding of your goals and aspirations along with the timeline set to make these into reality
  2. Your personal investment strategist will then work on a plan outlining the key strategy and how this links to your goal. The plan will state the type of property investment recommended at different stages of your journey, typically over the next 10 to 15 years. This will set out the initial phase of your investment strategy
  3. The next step will involve deep research in identifying the key location within Australia that has been identified as a key investment hotspot based on a set of criteria. Once the location is identified, the next step involves locating the specific property that’s deemed to create you wealth based on the strategy identified in step 2. This process of identification and the reasons will form part of the report
  4. Presentation – once our research is complete and ready for presentation, we will organise a time and day for us to present our finding to you. If you are in agreement with our finding, we will proceed with the strategy and the purchase of your new investment property
  5. Once the property has settled and rented out, a reassessment will occur to ensure everything is going as planned. This will also be the step towards identifying when the next investment is to be made
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