My Story

I have been exposed to property investment from a very young age. You see investing in general has been in my family from the very beginning with property investment by far the most popular and making the largest portion of the portfolio.

My parents bought their first investment property in 1998 when I was aged 11, only 2 years after building their first family home. I was fortunate enough to be lead through the process by my parents and being taught the intricacies of investing in property along the way. They were able to take the risk and jump into the property market for the goal of being able to live the lifestyle they had envisioned for themselves and their children (my sister and I).

They understood that in order to get ahead in life, a regular 9-5 job is not going to cut it and will only get them so far as being able to meet their current needs but realised that if they did not have the income they currently have, there was a major risk to their lifestyle.

This worried them enough to ensure they took action now giving them time to accumulate substantial amount of wealth needed to passively support their lifestyle and live their best possible life without having to be a slave to their job, but instead being able to do what they love doing which was teaching.

The increase in income and wealth enabled us to travel overseas every year, some years multiple times, being able to provide for their children and most importantly, able to financially support those families in need overseas. As years went by, property accumulation kept happening, income kept increasing and lifestyle got better and better, those around them started questioning how they are managing to do this? The most popular question was “Did you guys win the lotto?”

My parents told them how they were investing in property which enabled them to implement tax effective strategies, increase income and create wealth, unfortunately most were either not driven enough or did not have an investment property adviser to assist them in the process and walk them through the steps of identifying the right property to hold. Most would visit shop fronts or websites like and just be overwhelmed with the amount of information and property choices and as a result finish their investment goals before it even began.

Fast forward to 2008 and I had just finished my Accounting degree and was looking for job within the funds management industry, however the timing was not so great as we had just experienced a stock market crash and instead of hiring most firms were letting people go. I knew investment field is where I belonged and wanted to be in, so instead of letting the market conditions dictate what I do, I took action and enrolled into another degree with majors in Economics and Finance. I figured if I can’t get a job at this moment, I would continue to increase my knowledge.

Fortunately, in 2009 I found a job working for a global investment firm and by 2010, I had purchased my first block of land ready to build in the out skirts of Sydney. After the completion of the build I realised that building a house was the way to go and also understood why my dad only ever once bought an established house (his first investment property) and why since then he has built his investments as well as the family home.

The reason for this is house and land packages cost you less then established houses meaning that once completed, you already have equity built up in that property of around $50,000 or more along with a massive savings in stamp duty (I will list the benefits of building in another blog in the future).

In 2011, I then used this equity and purchased my second property and by 2014 I had made my 5th purchase. Fast forward to 2019 and I now own a multi-million dollar portfolio with deals ranging from simple single dwelling properties to dual dwelling, sub division to owning acres and acres of land through property syndication. Family and friends started asking the same questions my parents were being asked all that time ago and wanted to know ‘How I did it’ but as everything, they did not have an adviser to show them the way and guide them through.

This lead me to become a Financial Adviser, however I quickly came to realise that this was not sufficient as one of the main sticking point in Australia is the lack of ability for financial advisers to provide investment strategies with Property Investment (They needed to have a Real Estate License). It was all centered around the stock market – which I had no issue with as an investment vehicle, but not all clients wanted to take the risk with the volatility experienced in the stock market and preferred only property.

This lead me to think about how can I leave my legacy behind in this world before my time is up and help those around me to find a better way to life and providing everyday Australians an opportunity to an investment strategy that has worked for a number of decades that can help them achieve all that is important to them, be it better lifestyle, ability to stop working, travelling, or helping those in need.

This is how Braye Property was formed to provide property investors a platform for knowledge and education that also walked them through to taking action and a step closer to living their best possible life by identifying the right location, the right property which is of investment grade providing a high rate of return.